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At first I had reservations because my decision was based on “should” rather than “I want to”. I questioned my own level of commitment and I feared the grieving that might ensue from losing my strong attachment.

Even during the hypnosis treatment I wondered if it was having any impact as I still felt very “conscious” and aware, and in my mind I was still questioning the process.

However, as I left, I already had a sense that things had changed, and I felt very calm. Smoking was low on my agenda and it surprised me that at “habit” times, I barely thought about it. There were no overwhelming cravings, such as I had had on other sorts of attempts to quit smoking.

A couple of weeks later, during the time of high stress, I almost succumbed – I got in the car and drove to the regular shop, arguing with myself all the way, and rather easily continued driving past and returned empty handed. That was the big win day when I knew it was real and permanent.

Now after two months, I feel strong and free. I am quite dispassionate about it. If I walk past someone smoking, I can “like” the familiar smell without feeling any urge to partake. Sometimes I just think “I’m glad that’s not me!”.

It was my form of stress relief – and a crutch – and I was afraid to give up. Surprisingly, I feel so much less stressed now not smoking – I am much more relaxed. I cope better and I feel free, happy and strong.

Jesse L.

Hi Tim,

This is Tracy, I came to see you about 3 weeks ago with my husband. First of all, I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping us to quit smoking. I can’t believe how happy I am to be a non-smoker. I really wanted to give up, but I didn’t fully believe that hypnosis is going to help us – but it really has. Both my husband and I are very happy with not smoking anymore and we don’t miss it at all – absolutely fantastic! And the kids are so happy too. Everything is good.

By the way, i have a friend at work who also wants to give up smoking and I will give her your number. I wanted to ask if you could give her the same deal that you gave us.

Thank you very much. Talk soon.



Hi Tim,

it’s been two weeks now and I’m doing really well. I went out with friends who smoke a couple of times and it didn’t bother me. I don’t miss the old habit of coffee and cigarette in the morning either. I just know that I am never going to smoke again. Most of the time I don’t think about it. And when a thought about smoking enters my mind I just remind myself that I am not smoking anymore. That’s all I have to do. Now I am focusing on getting fit again. That’s quite fun. Thanks again for all your help.

Cheers, Vanessa


Hi Tim,

Over 2 years without a ciggie and now not really sure why I ever did, so thanks!

My colleague is keen to take the “stop smoking” plunge as well, so would be happy for you to contact him via email to set up a session.

All the best

Graham C.

Graham C.

Hi Tim,

just thought I would let you know how I have progressed on my journey. I have remained happy and very positive, and so far I have lost just under 12 kg’s. The weight loss has slowed down but can still count on about 500 grams a week. The only downside: I have had to buy all new clothes….damn !!! I sure am having fun shopping. Thank you for all you have done.

Regards, Pam W.

Pam W.
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