Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s to 2014 bringing us all good health, positive changes and abundance.

Today is special day for me as I am thrilled to show you my new website. It’s been a fantastic journey and adventure getting this project on the rails and I feel very fortunate and grateful to have had so much help from Vesna and Julez who have been very generous with their time and without whom it just wouldn’t of happened.

The website not only focuses on my services, but also aims to inform my current and future clients on the subjects of hypnosis and mesmerism and how these complimentary modalities can help in our lives.

Alongside this new website, I’ve launched a new YouTube Channel and Facebook Page, and of course you can still find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

My new website is part of my commitment to help you achieve a better 2014 and the future that you want. I hope you like it as much as I do, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it and I’m always open for suggestions.

I look forward seeing you this year to lose weight, give up smoking or any other issue that I can help you with!

Best regards,