Couples Relationship Therapy

I’m here to help adults reinvent their relationship and themselves. To heal and recalibrate. Or to let go with trust, dignity, honour and compassion. So what is the situation in your relationship? What are we here for? How would you like it to be? Save the marriage/relationship? Or, best separation possible? Not all couples will stay together! Is no one listening to each other? Or is one partner is already at the door?

Applying Hypnotherapy to Relationships and How it works.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are one of the fastest ways of resolving issues and making a positive and intentional change. I use advanced techniques of psychotherapy, NLP and family constellations to help my clients move forwards, not ‘back to how it used to be’!

How long will it take?

A daunting question to answer, so many variables. Rule of thumb an absolute minimum of four sessions, usually it’s three to five sessions each. Please do your due diligence and verify this is a rapid and in the long term, economical way of reinventing a relationship or moving on with dignity.

The initial session is with both partners. During these sessions, the basic rules are civility, no swearing, name calling. Followings sessions are one on one, each partner separately. This is the foundation of the process, cards on the table, goals set.

Please note; I don’t deal with domestic violence.

Most humans want to belong, be included, to love and be loved. We meet a special person, there’s a chemistry, mutual wants, one thing leads to another, “And they lived happily ever after”. The variables of what constitutes a ‘good relationship’ are quite diverse. Culture, religion, our families and ancestors, our generation. The common denominator for change is TIME. Things change, people change, often we grow apart. “Nothing is permanent except change” Heraclitus.

One partner may transform unintentionally, work may override their life, it may not be all bad, promotion, better salary but the pay off is less time to share with their partner. Less time in a relationship when it becomes the norm and long-term will often cause stress on the bond. Less time, no communication can eventually cause fractures in a relationship. Not all couples will stay together! In the western world the statistics are confusing, in Australia there’s been a decline in divorce over the last 50 years of about 30%, but then the average length of a marriage is 8.2-12.2 years. So ’till death do us part’ isn’t really an expectation for many people. We all know relationships that survive or keep going, especially marriages that are held together with cultural tradition, religious dogma and of course the old chestnut, ‘fear of financial discomfort’. Are children really better off in a family where mum and dad have stopped loving each other, and they live in an atmosphere of resentment, no genuine love and deception? This will be the child’s template for relationships in adult life.

I’m here to help adults reinvent their relationship and themselves. To heal and recalibrate. Or to let go with trust, dignity, honour and compassion. With hypnotherapy, we engage the full 100% of the mind, to bring to conscious awareness the deeper source of the difficulty in the relationship. This is best understood by offering an example. In hypnotherapy, we begin by speaking individually with each person to gain their trust and hear their truth. While this takes place, the other is filling out a relationship inventory. Then we switch so that the other gets their individual time with the therapist. We then meet with the couple together and discuss the benefits of hypnotherapy and the plan for resolution. I suggest that they each come in for 3 to 5 individual hypnotherapy sessions. These one-on-one sessions allow the clients and hypnotherapist to build rapport, but more importantly, to get down to the core of the relationship difficulties. It will enable the clients as well as the therapist to have all the facts and an overall perspective, rather than just two narrow personal viewpoints.

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