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Change your limiting beliefs & build real confidence with hypnosis

‘If you don’t know your own value, somebody will tell you your value, and it’ll be less than you’re worth’ – Bernard Hopkins.

Confidence is not a given, it can change from day today. It’s a part of our mindset. When a person doesn’t believe in themselves or believes they’ve lost their self-confidence, then their self-esteem is affected too. It is displayed in their body language, what they say and how they talk, their tone of voice. The other people in our lives can detect it too, life becomes hard and this is often a part of a general negative pattern that can lead to a depressive state With Hypnosis for self esteem can bring out your inner confidence level.

People with low self-esteem don’t experience a sense of achievement. If our self-esteem is robust, we can accept ourselves and recognise our successes. If we have low self-esteem it is difficult for us to value ourselves, or to recognise our achievements. Robust confidence and self-esteem is a strength and gives us resilience. If and when we do fall or falter we can recover quickly and keep going, not fall into a negative spin of self-depreciation and over thinking of what others may be thinking. Self-esteem is a legacy of our childhood experiences. And partly due to how our parents and siblings shaped and conditioned us during childhood. With hypnosis for confidence and self esteem, you can change your beliefs and change your world.

When we believe in ourselves, we don’t have to waste energy convincing others.

When we are content with ourselves we don’t need anyone else’s approval.

When one accepts our selves, then others accept us too,

This isn’t arrogance, this is healthy confidence and self-esteem. Knowing our worth, knowing our value.

Self-esteem and hurt feelings

Say a five-year-old child breaks their arm through sport; as an adult, that person can never recall the physical pain. But if that same child is subjected to regular unkind words, bulling or the like, they can and often do remember the events. And whats more they can still ‘feel’ the emotional pain too. Through our life events, the associated feelings, self-esteem is either strengthened or weakened. Self-esteem begins to develop in the early childhood – or not. In early childhood, parents, and siblings lay the foundations for their child’s healthy self-esteem by accepting them emotionally and taking their needs seriously. Almost everyone who has confidence issues has been rejected, criticised or ridiculed by their teachers, parents or family in some way. Parents who can not give, or did not give their children emotional acceptance are a prime cause a sense of inferiority in their child. The feeling of inferiority characterises the child’s self-image. Through the negative inner perception of oneself, those affected are more susceptible to further injuries caused by other people. Often, a tendency to overwork and a strive for external valuation arises to compensate for the lack of self-worth.

This can be undone with hypnosis, it takes time, it’s a process. Our memories seem crystallised in our mind, but they can be altered and repaired.

Self-confidence and childhood memories

A classic component of confidence issues is a reactivation of hurt feelings from the childhood. Clients report that they are suddenly put back into negative feelings from their childhood in certain situations. Typically, the affected persons suddenly feels small, helpless, or inferior. Although they often can see themselves that they are overreacting to a certain situation.

Some clients even say they literally feel like a little child again in a certain situation. Triggers for emotional reactivation are people or situations which have a certain resemblance to their childhood. These so-called similarity stimuli reactivates negative childhood feelings in adults. In a nutshell, one could say that those affected suffer from unprocessed childish emotions that are stimulated by certain situations.

Strictly speaking, the feeling that comes back in people with low self-esteem is already a form of trance. The mind is strongly inhibited in the short term, while the old, childish feeling gains the upper hand and determines the reaction. Therefore, the solution of such feelings can not go beyond the mind, but must always go beyond the feeling itself. Hypnosis for confidence can help you to change your feelings.

Negative self-beliefs

Negative beliefs often accompany those affected by low self-esteem their whole life. In many cases, they prevent people from living fulfilled partnerships or professionally developing their full potential. Sometimes my clients look at me confused when I say, “Your belief is not your problem at all. It is the feeling hidden behind the negative belief “All the beliefs that we carry within us are the expression of emotions that are responsible for self-assessment. If they are positive, the beliefs are the same – and vice versa.

Hypnosis for confidence – changing negative beliefs

However long-suffering negative beliefs may be, they are quickly and purposefully dissipated. The most important point is that the emotions caused by that belief are addressed and dissolved. In most cases, this is very simple in hypnosis for confidence, because the belief itself already paves the way for the corresponding emotion. It is always wonderful to see how freed people feel when negative feelings of childhood dissolve and the beliefs associated with them change. Psychologists have a technical term for this: Refraiming (change of interpretation). In many cases hypnosis for confidence suddenly brings up beliefs like “I am worthy” or “I am allowed to feel well”. When this inner appreciation occurs there is usually a beautiful smile coming from the client.

In order to improve confidence, one does not have to do much more than bring back the healthy, natural intuition of the person again. This healthy intuition has, however, in some cases been buried. As if a lot of stones had been poured over a bright light. The only thing we have to do is to use hypnosis for confidence to clear the stones again, so that the light can come through.

The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with one’s self. Clinical hypnosis and NLP is an effective solution for these issues. An unresourceful mindset can be turned around in a few sessions. This can be all it takes, to change your perspective and change your world to build up your confidence with hypnosis.

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