Mesmerism can be employed as a powerful stand-alone therapeutic method or it can be used as an adjunct to enhance results with regular hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Mesmerism is a precursor to modern hypnosis

Mesmerism is a precursor to modern hypnosis and hypnotherapy and named from the German physician, Franz Anton Mesmer who first developed the theories and methods of mesmerism. He described and defined the natural energetic transference (also known as magnetism) that occurs between all things, especially in the context of non-verbal communication and subconscious suggestion. I am an & accredited senior mesmerist and mesmerismus trainer. I carried out this training over a number of years in Europe with an expert trainer and grand master. This could be described as the Western or European path of this art. There is also an Eastern or Oriental path and I have trained with a grand master in Jakarta, Indonesia too. The training took me to master practitioner and trainer level in Javanese Magnetism. Using advanced mesmerism and magnetism techniques in combination with complementary therapies such as NLP and hypnosis I achieve outstanding results for clients.

In the therapeutic application, mesmerism can be used seamlessly with hypnosis. However, modern mesmerism is more than standard hypnotism, as it involves another dimension of healing and subconscious intervention. Unlike standard hypnotism, mesmerism uses few or no words to induce the necessary trance state. It can be likened, (to a limited degree), to therapies such as energy healing, reiki and kinesiology; and, therefore, a powerful and effective tool for the immune system and subconscious mind.

The benefits of mesmerism alone or in combination with clinical hypnotherapy techniques include deeper, longer lasting results. Achieved by initiating changes with non-verbal communication, as well as verbal suggestion. The desired result being that the client will recalibrate their equilibrium on every level from their own. subconscious.

If you are looking for a proven, powerful way to achieve your wellness goal – whether it be quitting smoking, weight loss, escaping anxiety or any other symptom – then mesmerism may be for you.