Hypnotherapy reviews & success stories

Tim – good morning and a quick follow up. Not sure what you (we) did in the internal workings of my brain – but it’s all going well. Remarkable results! Without too much-forced change/effort it feels normal with just the smaller meals, reduced sugar etc. Alcohol wise I’m only having two glasses of watered down Amaro on the weekend.
I am down to 89kg – from 95 odd at the start of the year. Also, I have managed to punch out 46km on the treadmill in the last 10 days since I restarted the running.
Thanks again – keep in touch and have a great weekend.
Cheers Chris

Chris, Weight Loss Hypnosis Testimonial March 2019

Hi Tim,

It’s Chris L., I saw you about six weeks ago for a second session for stopping smoking. Just want to say thanks, as this time it has clearly worked, having absolutely no cravings (even in circumstances where I would usually find incredibly difficult). Haven’t even needed the MP3. Kinda of wish, I had come back earlier! All the best and thanks again.

Chris, Stop Smoking Hypnosis, 12. November 2018

Absolutely thrilled with Tim’s service, I will never smoke a cigarette again in my life, and I have been able to let go of some limiting beliefs I’ve held onto for a long time. I highly recommend seeing Tim if you’re after quick and effective therapy in a calm and safe environment.

Hannah Rodger, Hypnosis to Quit Smoking, 8. December 2018

Hi Tim in 18 weeks. I have only slipped up once and I am going strong and love my new self. I am still training hard and everything just thought I would let you know. You’re a miracle worker .. haha thanks heaps.

Adam, Quit Smoking Hypnosis, 14. August 2018

I tried Tim’s Hypno-coaching for better performance in my sport & exercise goals. I feel like I’m literally re-wired in my head or mind. Highly recommended.

Daniel L., Hypnosis for Sports Performance 21. October 2017

I came to see Tim help me control my appetite and find a way to stop eating large quantities of food in one seating. In my 4 sessions with him, I gained a deep understanding of the relationship between mind and body. For the first time, I make intelligent choices to nourish my body and no longer feel food controls me. I am able to look at a plate of food and stop when I feel full. In the space of a month, I learned more about the connection between my brain and my gut then ever before. I trust myself to make good decisions when it comes to eating and I am forever grateful for Tim’s teachings to me.

Lucie Cox, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, 4. March 2017

Hi Tim
I don’t know what you have done but it’s working. 3 months today without smoking. Thank you

Jeff A., Stop Smoking Hypnosis Testimonial 16. January 2018

Hi Tim,

I’m Linda the Italian girl. I met you last October, I wanted to let you know that my sponsorship is been approved! Is a great feeling, after all, I been through and you’re part of it.

Thanks again.

Linda, Hypnotherapy for self-confidence, 24. May 2017

Tim has assisted me over the past few months to find my center, self-confidence and reconnect with positive energy. After a long period in my life of negative influences, I needed assistance to find myself again.

Tim’s ability to tap into ones’ self through hypnotherapy is second to none. He has a knowledgeable and warm presence and I trusted him entirely throughout the whole process. He offers so much more than hypnotherapy, he will take you on your journey to reach the goals you desire.

Thanks again for getting me back on track

Daniel, Hypnosis for Self-confidence and Positive Energy, 5. June 2017

Hi Tim

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with your sessions.

I was a bit of a wreck before boarding the plane, but once I was seated the positive thinking kicked in…I can do this!

A couple of times I felt the fear rise but It went as quick as It came with the breathing techniques you taught me. And I actually enjoyed the trip home?. I never thought that I would be able to achieve this goal!. My next trip will be to Adelaide to visit with my brother. Again thank you so much

Jill, Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying, 13. November 2016

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to thank you once again for your help with getting over insomnia.

My sleep is truly improving every night and I’m so thrilled with the results, I can finally enjoy every day with my little girl.

Thanks again,

Belinda, Hypnotherapy for Insomnia, 22nd January 2017