Learn Self-hypnosis – Training in Sydney

Would you like to learn how to create positive changes in your life to help you achieve your goals? I offer self-hypnosis tuition to all my existing clients and self-hypnosis courses for non-clients.

Self-hypnosis is a way to extend the benefits of hypnotherapy. In my self-hypnosis course, you can learn how to manage stress and anxiety. Using self-hypnosis, you can improve concentration, problem-solving skills, and take control of your emotions.

By learning then mastering the simple practice, you can reduce depression, achieve motivation, relaxation, concentration and presence. You will then be able to support yourself through various challenges and achieve more than ever before. Self-hypnosis is a powerful and practical self-development tool.

The journey one can take with self-hypnosis is a practical way to achieve the desired changes.

Self-hypnosis leads to the liminal space – the place where change takes place, where one thing is transformed into another, for example, procrastination into action

After each hypnotherapy session, I offer his clients the chance to learn self-hypnosis via a convenient and versatile email/MP3 delivery system.

Self-hypnosis training in Sydney

Self-hypnosis courses offer a valuable opportunity to learn how to hypnotise yourself and achieve a range of different benefits. You will learn how to self-induce a hypnotic state and implement essential self-suggestion techniques (autosuggestion) and more.

Training is carried out in one session at my clinic or online over Zoom.