Family Constellations

Pain travels through families until someone is ready to see it. Are you ready to see it? Are you ready to set yourself free from the blocks of the past?

Family Constellations is a dynamic solution process that can be experienced and used in multiple ways. The options are one on one ‘Hypno-constellations’ in the clinic, or one on one remotely via ZOOM, or in group constellations held over one or two-day events.

Do you have a present-day family issue that keeps playing on repeating or something you just can’t seem to shift within your family of origin? Or issues and patterns in current relationships? It didn’t start with you!

Family Constellations workshops and one on one sessions can help resolve dysfunctional systemic family blocks, couples issues and can facilitate spiritual divorce from a past relationship that needs final closure.

All families even within a few generations have their stories to tell. If we look at the long life of a family through the generations, very quickly it becomes blurred with time, who really knows what happened? But just because it’s been forgotten doesn’t mean that it isn’t still having some effect.

In any given family history there’s more than likely going to be many positive themes of love, children, survival and success. But in all families from the Royal families the families of billionaires, the famous through every section of the human family as a whole, to an existence farming family in the third world there will be trauma. Trauma comes in many variations, war, political upheaval, prison, rape, murder, abortion, miscarriage, sickness, disease, addiction, religion, illegitimate children, children outside of an existing marriage, insanity etc. The common factor of all trauma is that it generally leads to the exclusion of a family member or members. This exclusion causes blockages within the energy of love coming down through the generations. Likes the twists & kinks in a garden hose, the water can’t get through, the hose shakes and shudders. This is like love coming down through the generations. Family dynamics get corrupted, and negative cycles establish into a repeating pattern.

We all understand the basics of genetics, we know that body shapes, health predispositions etc. are passed down from one generation to another. But there’s also epigenetics, the emotional experiences
and other external environmental influences that can potentially play a role in influencing the psychology of a person of our ancestors are passed down too.

‘All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries when she is a four-month fetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother. Each of us spent five months in our grandmothers’ womb and she in turn formed within the womb of her grandmother. We vibrate to the rhythms or our mother’s blood before she herself is born’. – Layne Redmond

The Family Constellation process uncovers family dynamics found in your unconscious, affecting your emotional state, self-esteem, habits, and behaviour. It’s a process that makes it easier to accept what we have, gratitude for what we have, and love for ourselves and others.

When we take full responsibility for ourselves we heal, because we release the burden on other people. The originator Bert Hellinger made a bold and wise decision not to micromanage or regiment it as a therapeutic system. Each facilitator is following the form of Systemic Family Constellations but also brings their unique essence to the process.

Since the release of his first book, ‘Acknowledging what is’, more than twenty years ago, Bert’s unique method of working with energy in family systems has spread throughout Europe, America and Asia, and more recently in Australia.

Hellinger has taught many students, so there are many lineages, many styles of this system, each facilitator will bring their understanding of its principles and how they work with it. There are elements of Family Systems Therapy in its foundation, but what makes it such a unique branch of psychotherapy is that it works phenomenologically. Meaning that we can work with ‘not knowing’. To the uninitiated, it might sound like nonsense because it’s not scientific, linear or commonsensical.

But it works, because whether we are working in group constellations, the one on one sessions and even the remote online sessions, there is always an emersion into the morphogenic field, or the ‘knowing field’. Which is nothing less than a connection with The Universe, something much more significant than ourselves! Connecting us to the essence of who and what we are and this includes all of our ancestors in our family lineage and what has occurred over the generations which unbeknown to us is affecting our present lives, “it didn’t start with you”. The knowing field has been known to humanity for aeons, the mystics and sages have long argued that there is an infinite space associated with reality roots that store and transfer information, an area called the Akashic records. Recent discoveries in the field of vacuum physics show that this area of the Akashan is genuine and equivalent in the area from a zero science point that underpins the area. This area includes a subtle sea of energy that turns where everything is revealed: atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, living things and even awareness. This zero-point Akasha area is a long and long lasting memory of the universe. It follows everything in the world and in space and combines it with everything that is about to happen. This is one of many examples of ‘the field’ mentioned in esoteric verse,

‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there’. – Rumi

The constellation process allows for a deep understanding and completion of relationships both inside and outside our family circle. It goes beyond talking to use body perception and energy to achieve the hidden dynamics of our emotional problems, relationships, and entanglement.

Constellation Process is a powerful way to take advantage of what prevents people from reaching their potential concerning relationships, success and well-being. It’s a methodology that helps people to be the best possible version of who they are and can be.

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