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What Is Insomnia?

Poor sleep quality, trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping deeply? You may be suffering from insomnia. Hypnosis for sleep will help you overcome insomnia and allow you to get a good night rest. Quite often not being able to sleep is when your body knows something that my mind does not… hypnosis & psychotherapy can turn this around quickly.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterised by an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep for as long as desired. It may be a sign or symptom of other medical or psychological disorders, and can be extremely distressing for the sufferer, who is deprived of the rest they physically and mentally need. Insomnia can be caused by a wide variety of different factors, from pharmaceuticals and stimulants to hormonal changes or extremely stressful life events.

Why Choose Hypnosis For Sleep?

You don’t have to continue suffering from the effects of insomnia. Hypnosis for sleep can help you relax, unwind and get the good quality deep sleep you need to be healthy, alert and fully functioning during waking hours.

Clinical sleep hypnosis gets to the root of the problem and influences the subconscious mind to either remove, replace or counteract the problem. In doing so, the mental ‘roadblocks’ to getting good sleep are neutralised. Hypnosis treatment itself is very relaxing and clients report dramatic improvements within one or two sessions.

Sleep disorders & hypnosis

Sleep disorders can occur as an isolated problem or in the context of mental health. In my experience sleep disorders are often triggered by an overstimulation of the nervous system. Mental stress can be triggered by a overwhelming workload (burn-out), unresolved emotional conflicts and fears.

It is typical for people with insomnia, that occurs as a result of burnout, is that they have trouble falling asleep. The brain of that person is in a permanent ‘must-do’ mode during burnout, which prevents regular sleep patterns.

Sleep disorders can also be a sign of depression, especially if the affected person wakes up very early (typically 2-4 am) and then starts thinking. In most instances these symptoms include symptoms typical of depression such as sadness and unhappiness.

Insomnia occurring with short-term symptoms can usually be solved in only a few sessions through the use of hypnosis for sleep.

If sleep disorders are caused by mental illnesses such as depression, burn-out or anxiety, in my experience, only the treatment of the mental illness leads to the permanent solution of the sleep problem. Depending on the issue, it may take some time.

If you are suffering from insomnia, whether short-term or long-term, diagnosed or undiagnosed, clinical hypnosis for sleep can help you to overcome it. Download my free relaxation mp3 or call me for a free consultation.

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