IMG_8317The new year is traditionally a time when people feel they are ready to ditch their smoking habit.

The positive impact of quitting can be ‘almost instant’ and long lasting, but so many ‘want to be’ non-smokers don’t know this. They anticipate an epic struggle and withdrawal symptoms, not how great they will be feeling once they have quit and quickly they’ll achieve that positive reward.

This is a catch 22 mind set that so many smokers get entangled in. They know they want to stop smoking and there are so many good and valid reasons to do so. But there’s a part of their mind that thinks of the achievement of quitting is some kind of loss! This is a part of the mind that is some times known as the saboteur. If you could visualise this part of the mind as a person, they would be wearing all black like a ninja, stealthily appearing to assassinate your good intentions, to keep you stuck in a rut and to procrastinate and to put it off for another day, week, month or years. It’s basically a fear of change or a fear of losing part of your comfort zone.

The reality is very different. The born again fresh air breathing person feels great, not only physically but psychologically too. There’s a powerful feeling of ‘being in control’ and a sense of achievement and relief. Plus there’s a double whammy effect of the New Year, New start and the New You. Physically the body starts cleaning and repairing, toxins are eliminated, cells are cleaned and filled with oxygen and because there’s no adrenaline (*see note below) in the system, the mind calms down. Then the body and mind have the chance to experience true relaxation.

This is why most smokers need more than just will power to get them over the line. Most smokers know all of the valid reasons why to quit, but it’s still hard to achieve their goal. Hypnosis can help you achieve your goal and become the New You.

(*note) Tobacco stimulates the adrenal glands, this hormone shouldn’t be constantly present in the system as it leads to all sorts of psychological and physiological stress.