Hypnosis_for_Immune_system_2True story #2.

A lady of eastern European origin, who is a very skilled and extremely intuitive hypnotist, was returning to her homeland in 2012, as she always does for 6 weeks to catch up with her elderly parents and the extended family. She was thrown into a tragic drama of her nephews wife, who had recently become a mother to a healthy child. But immediately after the birth she was diagnosed with a nasty aggressive breast cancer in both breasts.

The details are harrowing, and she had to deal with a double mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy almost simultaneously. Even though the oncologists had played every card they had, the cancer was still active and spreading. She was in a catch 22 situation. She needed more chemo and radiotherapy, but she had a zero white cell count. The oncology team said no more therapy, until the white cell count recovers.  She was told to go home, rest and recuperate and to come back in about 2 weeks.

But she knew there was no time to rest and heal with the cancer spreading rapidly and no white blood cells. With good timing the hypnotist entered the scene. She wanted to help. She induced several long, deep therapeutic sessions. Suggestions were made to the immune system to start the production of white blood cells. During these peaceful hypnotic states the ‘whole’ human being has the opportunity to recalibrate and relax on every level. This naturally allows the immune system to start doing its miraculous job repair, recovery and rejuvenation effectively.

The whole family took the young mother back to the oncology ward 2 days after her discharge. The oncology team were quite adamant that no more treatment could take place. The family insisted that new blood tests should be carried out. The blood reports from pathology were incredible and the oncologists couldn’t believe the results or dispute them, they now had no good reason not to start another round of therapy as soon as possible. This young girl is now in remission and taking each day as is comes, which in reality is what we all have to do. Hypnosis is a healthy natural option for so many issues. Hypnosis works just effectively with life a threatening issue, as it does with equally important but less dramatic issues, such as, quitting smoking, weight loss, etc.