Alcohol Hypnosis - Tim ThorntonThere are many reasons why people drink alcohol. The question is from when the pleasure starts to cease and the alcohol addiction begins? Is a glass of wine or a bottle of beer every evening a problem? Is alcohol hypnosis a recognized treatment?

The danger begins when a person has to drink alcohol to achieve a satisfied state. When a person is unable to function without regularly consuming alcohol and develops withdraw symptoms such as nausea and headaches, when they are deprived of alcohol, they are said to be alcohol dependent.

Alcohol dependency can occur because of various reasons or a combination of reasons such as the easy availability of alcohol, social drinking, peer pressure, to mask some underlying distress such as anxiety problems, depression or low self esteem. The problem is that most people tend to understate their drinking habit. Alcohol addiction can be found in all social classes. The factory worker can be just as affected as the judge or the entrepreneur, the doctor or pilot, the millionaire and the homeless, the housewife and the chief secretary.

Alcohol Abuse – Avoidance Of Pain

Emptiness, emotional neglect, exhaustion, self-doubt and hopelessness are often the reasons of alcohol abuse. Affected people can be stuck in an uncontrolable cycle of pain and gratification. The hypnotherapist can help to find the underlaying issues and triggers that cause uncontrolled drinking.

Hypnotherapy For Drinking

Hypnotherapy for drinking can address undesirable behaviour directly where it is located – in the subconscious mind. This is where our learnings and emotions are stored. The clinical hypnotherapist will make suggestions to the subconscious mind to modify the clients relationship to alcohol. Creative and healthier new ways of thinking and handling the issue are learned. Here you can find more information about how hypnosis works.

Alcohol Hypnosis

When it comes to alcohol addiction or abuse, the hypnotherapist cannot be of help unless the patient actually wants to give up alcohol. Hypnosis cannot change the intent of the clients, only help reinforce their goals. Another factor that affects the hypnotherapy is the level of trust between client and hypnotist. Find a clinical hypnotherapist and trust your gutt feeling. There are many highly qualified clinical hypnotherapists in Sydney to choose from.