The 3 Human Brains

Thousands of years ago in many ancient cultures including India, Egypt any many others regions now known as the middle east, there have been many forms of esoteric, arcane and mystical knowledge.

Many of the core principles in these varied traditions of knowledge overlap from one system into the other and no one knows for sure of the source, where it all originated from. These systems include the Vedic scripts of Hinduism, esoteric Sufism of Islam, Hermetics and orthodox Christianity and it’s more than likely that there are others too with this shared and common principles of knowledge.

Only fifty years ago the Western scientific worlds opinion would have considered most of the ‘laws of the Universe’ as described in these ancient systems as any thing but scientific. For instance the Vedic scripts described the Universe as Maya, which can be translated as an illusion and that every thing is a vibration. Today modern science would agree on that vibration model and also that in each atom and molecule is over 90% empty space. Therefore what we perceive and understand as solids on our level of reality is are some thing quite different on another.

Another overlapping idea from the past is that humans have 3 brains, centres or organs of perception, not just the cranial brain in the head. Now, modern science concurs with this ancient understanding. We all know about the cranial/ intellectual brain, full of neuro transmitters, neurons, protein transmitters and extensive sensory capacities. Well the heart centre/ brain has this and more, it also generates a powerful electromagnetic field that can be measured up to 4 meters away. This magnetic field gets stronger if the person is healthy, positive and balanced.

And then there’s the gut, or the enteric brain, this has 100 million neurons (far less than the other 2 centres), and it’s kingdom is from the mouth to the anus. It has the approximate intelligence of a domestic cat and a similar nature and characteristics too. What we eat and the health of our gut tract influences our physiology of course but also our psychology and state of mind.

These brains have different functions and each person operates or is influenced by one centre more than the another. The brains are connected, but the thing is, these brains don’t communicate very well with each other and they all refer to them selves as ‘I’. Quite often one brain is doing the work of another, for instance a person may get emotional or operate out of the heart centre whilst driving their car, instead of using their moving centre intelligence which is part of the gut brain.

In hypnosis and NLP I often assist my clients by clearing unwanted energy, balancing the 3 centres and recalibrating them. It’s a very simple process and only takes about 30 minutes. And even if the client is sceptical, the results are quite profound after the session they feel different and that is a response from all the brains in unison.

To know one’s Self is usually a life long process and that was also the core process in all of the ancient traditions. Understanding our functions and processes it a good starting point. When all 3 brains are balanced and synchronised we have potential and resources that we might never of imagined and once you feel and know the difference you can practise these simple exercises as and when you need them.

This 3 brain recalibration is natural and easy, I often coach my clients with the skills, combining them with self-hypnosis techniques to get long lasting change, to enable people to reach the most resourceful state possible and to become the best that we can be.

Resources that will help understand this concept better,
Book: HUMAN TYPES Essence and the enneagram by Susan Zannos