Mind Hacking – What is it?

It’s a newish use of an old word. The dictionary definition of a hacker is: A person who uses computers to gain unauthorised access to data. The informal definition is: An enthusiastic and skilful computer programmer or user.

Mind hacking is basically using powerful psychological methods, independently or with a 3rd party to rewire or reprogram our minds. To gain access to our unused or under-utilised data. And believe me, there’s a lot of data that we just have no idea about.

Another analogy could be understanding our mind as a fantastic internal forest or jungle. Over the years we’ve established thoroughfares, paths and tracks. Some of these are still useful and valid, some not so. But there’s masses of resourceful and uncharted territory and resources to be discovered. Mind hacking could be understood as a way to cut new paths to new possibilities. To stop using old methods, understandings and patterns and move forwards in our lives, to reach our highest potential. The irony is, we need to go beyond our limitations to know our limitations. Mind hacking breaks through the comfort zone, to the zone we didn’t even know we had.

Using self-hypnosis to hack your mind

We can use these mind hacking for many aspects of our lives, relationships, careers, sport, fitness, health, wealth and success, probably in any way and for every goal that we set ourselves.
Hypnosis, NLP and coaching are proven 3rd party tools. In fact using a 3rd party is a double hack, bypassing our blind spots, engaging the skills of an experienced guide puts you steps ahead.
Reinforced with being trained in self-hypnosis can be the ultimate strengthener, a triad of intent, will and action that leads the person to be where they want to be, where they’re meant to be. Find out more about self-hypnosis courses in Sydney.