Use of Metaphor in HypnotherapyUseful Hypnotherapist

To be a hypnotherapist is to be able to facilitate a desired change for the client. In hypnotherapy the therapist has to be able to listen. Listen to the words or narrative and to the client’s body language. Then, by separating the “wheat from the chaff”, assessing what really is holding the client back from their goal.

Amongst the narrative, there will always be incongruences. This is true of all of us, but especially when people want change. They want, they need and they are ready. Yet somehow know that they can’t change by themselves, and this is why they need some help. Help or assistance to hack their subconscious and side step their limitations.

Body language is usually more truthful than the words. But some people can disguise that too. With verbal language, metaphors are more revealing and originate directly from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind understands and communicates in symbols, patterns, images and metaphor.

The use of stories and metaphors in Hypnotherapy

So many people are “stuck in a rut”. The origin of this metaphor comes from the days of yore when transport on land was horse drawn carts. In modern times this metaphor is widely used to express a state of mind. “I’m stuck in a rut” with a relationship, job/career, bad habit, poor diet etc.

The good news is: knowing that you’re ‘stuck in a rut’ is a good thing. And is often half the battle. Hypnotherapy is a good way of getting the best from ourselves, to make use of our own resources, the unlimited resource of the subconscious.

In the 1800’s the pioneers of north America would venture west, whole families choosing a new future, an adventure, literally risking all. Leaving behind the known options and willingly taking the step into known and unknown dangers, brutal environment and weather, where there were predators, human and animal. That’s when getting ‘stuck in a rut’ and not being able to go in the right direction could cost you your life and the life of the family or the whole waggon train.

Hypnotherapy – Utilising the resources of the consious and sunconsious mind for change

In the context of the present day and hypnotherapy, it’s about knowing when some part of your life has become less than positive and when you need to let go of the old, let go of your auto-pilot response and set some new goals, get into a new mindset. In some ways, it’s like the 1800’s pioneers heading towards new horizons. By communicating with the subconscious you will discover options that are already available but unrealised or having the ability to create them.  On a personal level, goals such as quitting an unhealthy habit, going back to school, volunteering for a project, or networking with professional groups might be how it starts and has the potential to lead to other options. Walk through one door and another door will open and you will learn that there are many doors, many options.

So if you’re ready for change, consider hypnotherapy and utilise the most resourceful part of yourself, change your mindset and change your world.