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Our mind can be a wonderful servant, but a dangerous master. Our confidence is not a given, it can change from day to day. It’s a part of our mindset. When a person doesn’t believe in themselves or believes they’ve lost their self-confidence, then their self-esteem is affected too. Life becomes hard and this is often a part of a general negative pattern that can lead into a depressive state.
People with low self-esteem don’t experience a sense of achievement. If our self-esteem is robust, we can accept ourselves and recognise our successes. If we have low self-esteem it is difficult for us to value ourselves, or to recognise our achievements. Our self-esteem is a legacy of our childhood experiences. And partly due to how our parents and siblings shaped and conditioned us during childhood. With hypnosis you can change your beliefs and create acceptance and positive change.

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When we believe in ourselves, we don’t have to waste energy convincing others.
When we are content with ourselves we don’t need anyone else’s approval.
When one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.
This isn’t arrogance, this is healthy confidence and self-esteem.

“You achieving your goal is my success”

The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with one’s self. Clinical hypnosis and NLP is an effective solution for these issues. An unresourceful mindset can be turned around in a few sessions. This can be all it takes, to change your perspective and change your world.

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  • Price/session: $220 pay as you go. Or pay $190 per session, when you book 4 sessions.
  • Number of sessions recommended: 4
  • Session Duration: 90 min for the first session, 60 min for all subsequent sessions
  • Clinic Location: Sydney CBD
  • Available Days: Sun, Mon, Tue and Wed
  • Includes Audio After Care