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Other issues hypnotherapy can help with

Hypnosis is a good option for many issues, the most common ones are mentioned in the therapies menu. The other issues include lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, PTSD; post-traumatic stress disorder, pain management, Trichotillomania (TTM – hair-pulling disorder), IBS and more.

There are two major ways we can utilise hypnosis. The first is to work on the ‘mindset’, this is a powerful strategy in its self.
This could include regression techniques that can help resolve and release issues from the past that hinder a person throughout their lives.

The second, by use of direct suggestion. It’s possible to communicate directly with the subconscious and recalibrate the immune system. This can help with issues such as accelerating a slow healing process, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for example.

So, if there are other issues that you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

It’s good to know why hypnosis & hypnotherapy works so well. It’s because it’s goal oriented, the hypnotist is facilitating the client to achieve something they want, so there’s no conflict or struggle.

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“You achieving your goal is my success”


One example could be that a person may have a fear of flying, they understand on one level that flying with large professional airlines is statistically a safe way to get from A to B.
But that doesn’t matter, logic won’t help them with the phobia. And maybe they have to fly often with their job? This scenario could cause extreme stress, making their life unbearable.
No amount of counselling will change their situation. The conscious mind understands logical and analytical language, but the subconscious mind is different. It is far more powerful and it relates to the emotional landscape in a person’s mind. Many people aren’t in touch with their emotions and that can be the reason why they can’t make the changes that they want. The hypnotic suggestions bypass the logical mind, embedding the new positive mindset on the subconscious level.

So, different strategies for different issues, example; to quit smoking it takes a sudden snap to break the momentum of the habit. With losing weight, it takes a series of sessions to establish change. But with hypnosis and NLP, the conscious mind is side stepped and the far more powerful, flexible & creative subconscious mind is revealed.
And while, in the resourceful trance state, suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious and changes will occur rapidly and goals can be achieved.

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  • Price/session: $220 pay as you go. Or pay $190 per session, when you book 4 sessions.
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  • Session Duration: 90 min for the first session, 60 min for all subsequent sessions
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Hypnosis is a good option for many issues, the most common ones are above. Others include, lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, PTSD- post traumatic stress disorder and issues such as accelerating a slow healing process, plus more. And if you have another issue that you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.