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Hi Tim

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with your sessions.

I was a bit of a wreck before boarding the plane, but once I was seated the positive thinking kicked in…I can do this!

A couple of times I felt the fear rise but It went as quick as It came with the breathing techniques you taught me. And I actually enjoyed the trip home?. I never thought that I would be able to achieve this goal!. My next trip will be to Adelaide to visit with my brother. Again thank you so much

Cheers Jill

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying, 13. November 2016

I came to see Tim help me control my appetite and find a way to stop eating large quantities of food in one seating. In my 4 sessions with him, I gained a deep understanding of the relationship between mind and body. For the first time, I make intelligent choices to nourish my body and no longer feel food controls me. I am able to look at a plate of food and stop when I feel full. In the space of a month, I learned more about the connection between my brain and my gut then ever before. I trust myself to make good decisions when it comes to eating and I am forever grateful for Tim’s teachings to me.

Lucie Cox

Hypnosis for Weight Loss, 4. March 2017

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to thank you once again for your help with getting over insomnia.

My sleep is truly improving every night and I’m so thrilled with the results, I can finally enjoy every day with my little girl.

Thanks again,


Hypnotherapy for Insomnia, 22nd January 2017

I saw Tim for a quit smoking session 6 months ago. And I never would have thought it was possible to give up the habit so easily.

As soon as I walked out and saw people smoking i noticed myself thinking “nah, I don’t smoke” instead of the usual “i need a cigarette”. No withdrawals, no stress, anxiety… nothing. It doesn’t even bother me if people smoke around me. It’s so good being a non smoker and I know I will never go back. I was not convinced about hypnotherapy before actually. Experiencing it myself – totally worth the money. I now believe that it could work in other problem areas/ bad habits as well, as long as your mind really wants the change.

Not only has this worked for me, but I sent one of my closest friends over to Tim shortly after my successful session (she smoked twice as much as I ever did). And she’s also never smoked since.

Thank you so much Tim for all your help!



Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Hi Tim,
Just to keep you up to date, I’m still sleeping well, its so cool. I don’t know how you do it? And because I’m sleeping better, I can manage my pain better too.
Thanks mate x

Hypnosis for insomnia

Dear Tim,
I just wanted to thank you again, Raquel hasn’t pulled her eyelashes for over six weeks now and they’re growing back. She seems to be much happier in herself too, at home and at school.
This has made a huge difference to us as a family, because as you know hypnosis was our last hope before we took the psychologist’s advice and went down the medication road. She’s only twelve and her father and I are so relieved that this is an option we didn’t have to consider in the end.

Kind regards,

Hypnotherapy for hair pulling disorder - Trichotillomania

Hi Tim, just wanted to let you know that I have lost my first 20kgs and this in under 5 months.
Thanks for the great help


Hey Tim,

I hope you are well.

Well, i’ve made it past the 3-month mark and I’m still quit and couldn’t be happier. I still have little cravings but like you said it pops into my head and then it goes again. I’ve even found social situations fine. I’m exercising more and I’m no longer that dirty fagger in a group that has to pop out for a cigarette. Summer is just around the corner and I’m looking forward parties, BBQs and sunbathing and not having weather hot enough so it’s ok to smoke outside. Thank you so much for all your help.

I think my friend is coming to see you soon.

Warm Regards
Nathalie Byrnes

Nathalie Byrnes

Thank you, Tim, for helping me to kick the habit. I used to smoke three packs a day. It’s been 3 months now since I’ve stopped and I am sticking to it. I’m doing super good.
Kind Regards,


Hi Tim,
Its been several weeks since my successful “Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis” treatment. I’m very pleased with the results not only sustaining a continuous steady weight loss but also the added benefits of releasing a lot of mental baggage.

I’m much more relaxed and now able to sense when I am full and ready to stop eating. My portion sizes have also reduced in sync with the messages of fullness. This rarely influenced me before the hypnotherapy as I continuously ate independently of whether I was full or not. It’s not easy though and does require effort to maintain these connections through the affirmations and listening to the supplementary recorded session. However, the benefits are worth it and as long as they were committed to the success of the process I’d recommend the “Virtual Gastric Band”.

We’re off to Europe next week so it will great to see how things progress in the holiday “mode”. I very positive about this though as:

1. It will be relaxing, and
2. There will be lots of exercise.

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