How Smell And Memory Is Used In Hypnotherapy

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Generally the sense of smell is one of the 5 senses that a lot of humans have lost to a certain degree. This is since so many humans have a major disconnect with nature and natural living. Plus if someone smokes they usually lose a huge percentage of their ability. All other mammals, birds, reptiles [...]

The Hulk

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How we get stuck in unhelpful patterns. I recently saw a young man who was having some relationship difficulties. He is intelligent, happy, well disposed, good looking and successful, as is his partner. The relationship is several years old and generally a good one, but there was an issue and he knew it stemmed from [...]

Nathalie Quit Smoking 3 Months Ago

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Hey Tim, I hope you are well. Well i've made it past the 3 month mark and i'm still quit and couldn't be happier. I still have little cravings but like you said it pops into my head and then it goes again. Ive even found social situations fine. I'm exercising more and i'm no [...]

Jaimie Kicked The Habit 3 Months Ago

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Thank you Tim for helping me to kick the habit. I used to smoke three packs a day. It's been 3 months now since I've stopped and I am sticking to it. I'm doing super good. Kind Regards, Jaimie

Three Tips to Quit Smoking

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You know too well the reasons why you should stop smoking. Yet despite your desire to quit, despite the risks and the cost, your smoking habit still binds you. I provide quit smoking hypnosis in my Sydney Hypnotherapy clinic. So many of my clients are quite desperate to give up and for good. It’s an [...]

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

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There are different types of overweight that hypnotherapy for weight loss can help with. Hypnosis can be directed at the resolution of emotional causes and stressors that cause obesity. Another group of clients that hypnosis for weight loss can be effective with are clients with symptomatic issues. They just want to lose a few kilos [...]

Alcohol Hypnosis – Treatment For Alcohol Abuse?

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There are many reasons why people drink alcohol. The question is from when the pleasure starts to cease and the alcohol addiction begins? Is a glass of wine or a bottle of beer every evening a problem? Is alcohol hypnosis a recognized treatment? The danger begins when a person has to drink alcohol to achieve [...]

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking Using Hypnosis

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Many people have fear of public speaking, presentation anxiety, delivering a sales talk, or even giving the best man’s speech at a friend’s wedding. This stage fright is caused by mostly irrational fear that they are likely to stumble and forget their lines, the audience is more knowledgeable about the topic being discussed, that they [...]

I am glad that’s not me!

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Quit Smoking Testimonial from Jesse L.: At first I had reservations because my decision was based on “should” rather than “I want to”. I questioned my own level of commitment and I feared the grieving that might ensue from losing my strong attachment. […]