History of Nations, Cultures & Religions – Man’s Inhumanity to Man: Ancient & Ongoing

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Anngwyn St. Just & Timothy John Thornton ISAC - The Knowing Field - Issue 37 Jan 2021 Anngwyn St. Just is a systemically-oriented social traumatologist and independent researcher who holds advanced degrees from The Western Institute for Social Research and the University of California at Berkeley. She is also a cultural historian, psychotherapist and somatic [...]

Emotional Healing Through Hypnotherapy – Resolving Emotional Trauma

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Resolving emotional trauma is a fundamental step when dealing with emotional healing in hypnotherapy. Emotional Mind Integration is a solution-focused approach for disturbances such as depression, phobia’s, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, low self-esteem, inner conflict, trauma, fear, anger and more. “People are trapped in their history & their history is trapped in them.” What is [...]

Help With Stress – Hypnotherapy And EFT Therapy

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Anxiety caused by stress can make you sick. How hypnosis can help with anxiety caused by stress.We are often reminded in the mainstream news of the many health issues in the world such as diabetes, influenza, heart disease and of course cancer. This news is real and it affects all of us. We all [...]

Hypnotherapy Can Help If You Are ‘Stuck In A Rut’

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Useful Hypnotherapist To be a hypnotherapist is to be able to facilitate a desired change for the client. In hypnotherapy the therapist has to be able to listen. Listen to the words or narrative and to the client’s body language. Then, by separating the “wheat from the chaff”, assessing what really is holding the client [...]

Mind Hacking And Self-Hypnosis

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Mind Hacking – What is it? It’s a newish use of an old word. The dictionary definition of a hacker is: A person who uses computers to gain unauthorised access to data. The informal definition is: An enthusiastic and skilful computer programmer or user. Mind hacking is basically using powerful psychological methods, independently or with a [...]

Me, Myself and I – The 3 Brains of Humans

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Thousands of years ago in many ancient cultures including India, Egypt any many others regions now known as the middle east, there have been many forms of esoteric, arcane and mystical knowledge. Many of the core principles in these varied traditions of knowledge overlap from one system into the other and no one knows for [...]

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